Temple Run for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

The world of Android and iPhones are seeing some great gaming titles released on these platforms which are perfect time killers without you having to be serious gamer. One such title is the immensely popular Temple Run from Imangi Studios. The game started the genre of infinite runners and has also seen sequels and remakes. In case you want Temple Run for PC for your entertainment, it is very possible to get it up and running.


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About the Infinite Running

Temple Run is a third person infinite running game i.e. you will never stop running and there are no levels in it. It is stark departure from level based (which included start and end) game design and that is where the novelty lies. As you run more, your speed increases which alone is often responsible for your death and level difficulty increases slightly at best. Your basic aim is thus running for as long as possible without getting yourself killed and dodging numerous obstacles.

Playing The Game

Well, the game controls are extremely simple. You will for run on straight paths, either side of which are water bodies infested with crocodiles and you will be chased by a monster. As you try to escape it, your path will provides various obstacles such as bifurcations, partial blocks, fire, half broken, etc. You can dodge this by either jumping or ducking (swiping up or down) de or by moving sideways (swiping left/right) or by tilting to either direction (tilting your phone). The game is extremely simple and fun with certain powers that can be purchased. But the IAPs never let you stop from enjoying the game. The obstacles are never the same and each time you play, the environment seems unique. There are numerous ways to die – you can turn late or fall of from a side or you could just get hit by something and the monster gobbles you up or even you could get barbecued by fires. The power ups include immunity to obstacles, faster speed, wholesale nfl jerseys head start and double coins; each of which remain for a limited time. Coins collected during the run help in increasing the power-up time or double coins permanently.

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Getting The Experience On PC

While Temple Run as such is not made for PC, using BlueStacks, it can be made to run on your PC. Bluestacks is an Android emulator which can run any Android app or game. The way to getting Temple Run for PC is as follows:

  • Download the latest Bluestacks from this link and begin installation.
  • The installation is two phase with online Grupo installer Zombie which downloads additional files.
  • After completion of installation, start the software and setup your Google account to access the Play Store eum and select your preferred language.
  • Once setup, go to home screen and type Temple Run on the search bar.
  • It will take you to the Play Store and an “Install” button will appear for beside the game.
  • Click on it and wait for it to cheap jerseys install.
  • After it completes, Temple Run icon will be visible in “My Apps” section.
  • Clicking on the icon to start the game.

And run as far as you cheap mlb jerseys can!

Note that in order to use tilt, you will require using landscape mode (from the device settings in Bluestacks) and using arrow keys. With this setup, you can enjoy Temple Run for PC.

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