Subway Surfers For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

With the advent of the social networking sites and the enhancement in the use of social media, the way of living of people has changed to a massive extent. The major object of attention due to the social media progression has been of the Android software. It is hard to imagine gadgets these days that do not run on an Android platform. Android provides its users with a variety of apps on their Smartphones and provides easy updates with smooth internet surfing. Most of the software designed today are made in such a way that they are optimal to run on the Android platform. With the advent of Android, the gaming world has also changed entirely and the games which run on this platform have become very popular. Subway surfer is one game that has taken up the attention of millions of users and is a very popular game on the Smartphones and tablets. It is one of the most taken up game and can also be enjoyed on your PC now.


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Subway Surfers For PC:

This game was developed by Kiloo and Sybo; and the game is very addictive and time killing made available for Android users. The game is an infinite run game and is similar to the games such as temple run, vector, etc. The game comprises of a gangster who has to run from police and its dog, in a railway track called subway. The game is an endless runner type, and the run never finishes. The runner keeps on running and the officer keeps following him. In the process, the runner gets to collect powers and coins that help in enhancing the life of the runner. The game has become very popular in just a short span of time and subway surfer for PC now brings the game to a new level.

Getting Bluestacks Is The Key:

The game cannot be made running on the PC without an emulator and Bluestacks is one of the most stable ones to deal with. The following steps will help to get Bluestacks and run Subway surfers for PC:-


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  • Download Bluestacks.
  • Once Bluestacks has been downloaded, the set up can be run and it can be installed into the PC just like any other software.
  • The next thing is to get Subway surfer from the app market through the use of Bluestacks.
  • Once the app has been found, the only thing remains is to download it followed by an installation and there you go. Subway Surfer is ready now to be played on the PC.

Once the download has been completed, you will find a notification reporting that the download has been completed and the file is ready to run. Subway surfer is pretty simple one to go with and does not require expert handling on PC. The way a user uses touch on the Smartphone; similarly, the mouse can be used as the substitute to touch on the PC.

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