Plant Vs Zombies For PC

Plant Vs Zombies is one of the simplest as well as oldest kinds of game available in the genre of tower defense. These types of games are actually strategy games in which the player uses a specific level of resources to defend a region from some incoming attacks. But there is perhaps no other game than Plants vs Zombies that exemplifies this genre of game.


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How To Fight Against Zombies:

A crowd of playful zombies is going to invade the home of the player and the only defense of the player is an armory of forty nine zombie-zapping plants. Zombies seems to be very carnivorous. However, even if the vegetarians restore to life from grave, they try to eat the brains of human beings. With such discipline, the greatest way to struggle against them is by mutant plants.  The sunflowers can be planted to get more suns. One can make use of the Peashooters, Cherry Bombs and also Wall-nuts and so on to slow down, puzzle, weaken and decline twenty six kinds of the zombies, before these are able to arrive at the front door. Every zombie possesses its own particular skills and talents, and thus the players should be very cautious on how to utilize the limited amounts of greens or seeds.

In addition to the Adventure mode of the original version, Plants vs. Zombies is equipped with a variety of other modes to amuse the players for hours after hours. In its Survival mode, the players can defend themselves from a continual pack of zombies in order to check how long they last. On the other hand, in case of Zen Garden mode, there is an amount of time to get relaxation and to take care of the plants before the benefits of the gardening skills are reaped. The game can be totally controlled with the mouse and the moves are also very simple to perform. The learning curve of Plants vs Zombies is even very smooth.

Steps To Get Plants vs Zombies on PC

It is very simple to download Plants vs Zombies for PC. The installation package is to be downloaded as any other software would be. Here are some step wise guidelines to get the game on PC.


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  1. Download Bluestack first and then install the app player. The system can be installed for free and utilizing it, any user will be able to get Android game that is, Plants vs. Zombies on the computer easily.
  2. When BlueStacks application player becomes fully installed, it can be run on the PC.
  3. Then, with the aid of search tool of this BlueStacks, find out the game Plants vs. Zombies.
  4. After finding it out, install the game to complete the process.

These are some particular steps to install the Android game on computer. As a whole, it can be concluded that, Plants vs. Zombies does not lack any of its possible features. It has offered amusing characters along with an extraordinary gameplay.

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