Monument Valley For PC

Tired and saturated with playing the same old Android games which have the basic objective of finishing the objective without applying specific skills? Then try out Monument Valley – a completely new and amazingly interactive puzzle game that will surely challenge you through a series of brainstorming sessions and will bamboozle your senses! Available for iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablet consoles, this game will surely add a traditional and aesthetic taste for your devices. This game has proved that simple concept and basic physics has the potential to create mind-blowing games instead of relying on stunning graphics and visualizations.

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Through The Gameplay:

The game commences with the princess Ida, whom you’ve to guide through the serpentine mazes to reach the summit of every geometric figure. Even though the basic idea of the game is quite pellucid by the ethereal puzzle, ambience of the game would surely challenge your senses, as these geometric figurines have been crafted meticulously to form pristine optical illusions for which you’ve to twist and turn the geometry around in order to locate the specific path. The tiny, silent protagonist can be considered as a maze runner, who maneuvers her path through never-ending stairways and inaccessible platforms that might frighten you at the first sight. The game has been designed to tempt the puzzle lovers to decode the mysteries that lie beyond the normal eyes – and twist it in another way around, so as to get the clue to proceed further into the game.

Some Amazing Features And Trivia Of Monument Valley:

One of the amazing aspects of Monument Valley is its minimal graphics, which makes the game very soothing for eyes, even after playing it for prolonged periods of time. And to heighten the ethereal mood, synchronized sounds has been included which alters from time to time.

The game has been engineered to give 3D structure; thereby players can visualize and modify the world with a twist to give a complete new dimension to it. With its interconnected pathways, the game is frustration-free, much to the user’s surprise. And experimentation with puzzles rewards the player with amazing bounties, the standard of which improves as the complexity steadily mounts towards higher level.

Basic Guidelines To Install Monument Valley for PC:

Since Monument Valley has been targeted for iOS and Android platform, the beauty of the game can’t be experienced from the PC. However, installing any Android emulator would provide the necessary platform to execute any Android games in PC. One such emulator is BlueStacks App Player that gives you full access to Google Play Store and play Monument Valley for seamless hours. The basic steps for installing Monument Valley in the PC are enumerated as follows:

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  • Download and install BlueStacks App Player for the requisite version of Windows.
  • Create an account in Google Play Store using Google Mail ID.
  • Open Bluestacks, and in the search bar, type “Monument Valley” and look for the app in the Play Store.
  • After finding the app, click on download to get the APK file of it.
  • Install the app and experience hours of brainstorming with puzzles.

One of the greatest perks of downloading Monument Valley for PC is it’s free availability in Play Store, making it one of the widespread game among the puzzle lovers, who found the game to be amazingly intriguing.

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