LibreOffice For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

The once popular OpenOffice has been languished away with the evolution and availability of the LibreOffice which has gained enormous reputation among the users who found the platform to be extremely useful for amendment of their documents and spreadsheets on the go. Long gone are the days when people sit in front of the computer to work on their files before presenting it – and now has been replaced into smartphones platforms which are readily accessible for functioning with documents.


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The Software Itself

LibreOffice has a similar foundation to that of OpenOffice albeit LibreOffice has some improved tweaks and an extensive array of extension files which would enable the users to customize their workspace to suit their needs. LibreOffice is similar to Microsoft Office thus has the ability to support Writer, Calc, Base, Impress, Math and Draw – which are facsimile to that of MS Office. Owing to its lightweight volume, and cross-platform interdependence work sharing feature, LibreOffice has been recognized as one of the leading software for working in the mobile consoles.

What To Like About The Software

The amalgamation of the LibreOffice into mobile platforms has resulted in working with word processors and spreadsheets anywhere on the go instantaneously. To make the proceedings in the android platform lucid and compact, LibreOffice has bolstered their software by assimilating several advanced features. Some of the specious features are enumerated as follows:

  • Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature of LibreOffice is the platform interoperability which enables the users to operate on Mac file formats without installing the Mac OS.
  • Developments of 3D graphics and models have been realized using Impress, which is Powerpoint in LibreOffice. A wide array of extreme graphics has been presented to the users to add a fresh new appearance to their works.
  • Simultaneous management of the spreadsheet files has been incorporated in the Android version. Smarter and intuitive methodologies for administrating rows and columns have been added which eases the working procedures.
  • Commands lines can be printed in the document margins in a presentable manner for improving productivity and better collaboration and operations in other platforms.

Steps For Installation In The PC

The release of LibreOffice for Android OS has resulted in the uproarious popularity among the users, who found the software to extremely useful for their smartphones and other tablet devices. Despite the fact of the availability of an Office suite in Android platform, it can’t be used in the standard PC. To install such APK files like LibreOffice Viewer for PC, you need to have Android emulators like BlueStacks which simplifies the task of using the Android applications.


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  • First, download the recent version of BlueStacks App Player which is compatible for Windows version.
  • Select the language and register into Google PlayStore using your valid Google Mail ID to create an account.
  • From the search option, type ‘LibreOffice’ and search for the application in PlayStore.
  • Download the app and open it to experience all the broadest possibilities offered by it.

One of the greatest perks of using any Android applications is the free source, which makes the availability of almost every free absolutely free of cost! And with the introduction of cross platform interface, the popularity of LibreOffice Viewer for PC has surfaced to a great level.

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