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Smartphones and Tablets are at their peaks with huge customer demands and hence thousands of great gaming titles keeps arriving on these platforms instead of a PC. Frontline Commando 2 is one such game with excellent controls and graphics and is already available for iOS and Android. Frontline Commando 2 is prefect for those who want some shooting action without getting too involved. In order to get Frontline Commando 2 for PC, you will require Bluestacks, an Android Emulator, which makes running any Android App on your PC possible.


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The Game Itself

Let us first take a look at the game itself. Frontline Commando 2 is a third person shooting game with static environments – means you don’t run and gun but rather “look and gun”. This is perfect for touch based controls. You may feel that the game is bland but on the contrary, the graphics, actions and controls are excellent and more than make up for the lack of roaming and storyline. The game also allows you to build a squad to churn through the levels failing which you would be stuck. Each of the squad buddies come with different power and aid you in the fight. Is it really necessary to build a squad? Well yes, enemies will be concentrating all their firepower on you and while you duck and cover, your squad members will pick them out for you.

The Gameplay

You start off as a betrayed commando and need to take down enemies with the help of your squad. Your initial weapons are weak (as expected) and the big boys start to arrive as you complete levels. Guns are available in Assault, Sniper, Machine and Shotguns categories. You can upgrade each weapon to increase speed of operation and effectiveness. Squads can be customized with a selection of whopping 65 different members with various abilities. The game modes include PVP (Player vs. Player) or Campaign mode, both of which allow you to earn XP and cash. However the dreaded IAP model for free to play games wreaks havoc here. Beyond the first few levels, you will require grinding the completed ones in order to earn cash to upgrade your squad and weapons without which you cannot complete the levels or boss fights. While the game is very polished with great graphical blitzkrieg, the in-app purchase model ever so slightly ruins it unless of course you are ok with grinding completed levels.


Getting It On PC

Frontline Commando 2 for PC is a possibility with BlueStacks. Bluestacks is an android emulator that can run any game or app that runs on Android. The way to run it on your PC is as follows:

  • Download the latest version of Bluestacks which will again download few components before installing.
  • After installation, setup your Google account which let you access Google Play Store and your language.
  • On the home screen, type Frontline Commando 2 in search bar and click “install” on the Play Store page when it opens.
  • The app then downloads and installs on your PC.
  • After completion, go to home screen and you can find the icon for the game, clicking which will start the game.

The game can be played with a mouse (which simulated touch control).

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