Facebook Messenger for PC – The savior from the News Feed!

Do you still miss the once promoted Messenger client of Facebook for your Windows running PC? Or an alternative to it? Maybe you don’t like the Facebook “Modern” App for Windows 8 or you are running previous versions of Windows. Whatever the reason be, the need for Messenger is actually a substantial one for PC users. But sadly it is only available for smartphones. But Bluestacks brings the possibility to run Messenger for PC! How? Read on…


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A Peek Into The Past…

Let us look at the past to correctly address the issue. A few years back, Facebook actually had a messenger for PC, but then the people in power there decided it wasn’t needed and it was discontinued eventually. This left a lot of users frustrated as now they had to rely on third party chat clients, which not everyone is comfortable with. They have since shifted all their attentions to the mobile form factor and the website was the only way. Also, the Windows 8 app is a full-fledged application that has its own limitations and requires Windows 8 or up. This leaves a void – which can now be filled! But before that let’s look at the advantages that Facebook messenger provides.

What Messenger Brings to the Table!

Messenger is a dedicated chat client for Facebook, which supports emoticons, stickers, voice and video chat. Thus, it is the perfect software when you just want a conversation without the annoying and distracting news feed. It is also a perfect option to send quick snaps from your webcams (Selfie that is!) and provides an easy to use interface to carry out the chat with loads of other options. All this for free as it has always been the case for Facebook. This is a perfect application when you just want to text/video chat without launching a memory hogging browser and too many distractions. But how to get it up and running? Let’s look into that…

Getting Facebook Messenger for PC:

To be able to run messenger for PC, you need to install Bluestack. Bluestack is an Android emulator that can run Android apps and games from Google’s play store. How does it all work? Here are the simple steps you need to follow:


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  • Firstly, download latest Bluestack offline installer and install it.
  • Once installation is completed, setup your preferences to get started.
  • You have to setup your default language and your Google account. (Simply enter your Gmail ID and password).
  • Once done, you will be at the home screen where you need to type “Facebook Messenger” on the top search bar and click search/press enter.
  • On the play store page, click on the green “Install” button which will make Messenger install inside Bluestack.
  • Come back to the home screen once it completes where you can see the Facebook Messenger icon. Clicking on it will launch the application.
  • For the first time, you need to enter your Facebook ID and password after which it will automatically set everything up!

Once done, you are ready to enjoy Messenger for PC with uninterrupted chat sessions!

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