Dungeon Hunter for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Let us face the fact that in the present scenario, it is the Smartphones that are ruling the planet. Even from tiny to larger things, everything is dealt on the Smartphone and thus, they have become an irreplaceable part of our life. With thousands of app, Smartphones have created an easy but busy life for us and we have become a lot dependent on it. Thus, things have changed and have been arranged accordingly. We do not see kids playing the vintage games such as contra, Mario, etc anymore on Videogames and they have become obsolete in the current situation. Android has become a platform that gives the public with the perfect combination of work and play and therefore, it has become so dam popular. As gaming world has changed, Android has played a big role in doing so by bringing in a number of gaming apps for its users.

Dungeon Hunter for PC

Dungeon Hunter is one of the most exciting games on the Android platform in the current moment. This game takes gaming to a different level with extra touch sense features and high HD graphics. The time has changed as games are played mostly with touch using fingers rather than holding vintage remote controls and therefore, the gaming world has also changed the way of designing games. This game features a user who is hunter and enters into a dungeon where he needs to fight his way out and kill enemies on the way. On the way, the hunter gets to collect points, coins and life syrups that provide him with energy and extra life. Dungeon hunter has taken the attention of a lot of public and the game can also be enjoyed on the PC although there is no official PC version for the Game.


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Getting This Game Using BlueStacks

One of the most stable emulators is Bluestacks and this is used to run a number of apps on the PC and similarly Dungeon Hunter for PC can be played on the large screen using Bluestacks using the following simple steps :-


  • Download Bluestacks from the internet. You can simply download BlueStacks from here!
  • Once Bluestacks has been downloaded, the set up can be run and it can be installed into the PC just like any other software.
  • The next thing is to get Dungeon Hunter from the app market through the use of Bluestacks. Go to search bar and make a search for it.
  • Once the app has been found, the only thing remains is to download it followed by an installation and there you go. Dungeon Hunter is ready now to be played on the PC.

The game consists of HD graphics and gives a whole new experience when it is being played on PC. The controls for Dungeon Hunter for PC are mostly through the mouse, which is a substitute of the touch when playing the app on the Smartphone. Some keyboard functions can also be used while playing the game on the PC.

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