Drag Race Rush For PC

After the creation of Abduction Stacker where an alien flunkey is assigned a job in making multiple abductions of animals easier, Chewy Games is back with a new game called Drag Race: Rush. This mobile game, now available on Android and Windows, is one of its best with excellent graphics and is a huge deal for people who like drag racing games.


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Chewy Games and Drag Race:

Drag Race Rush for PC is a three dimensional racing game operating in the conventional mode of drag racing, where you have no need to duck or swerve other cars but just one competitor. The artificial intelligence of the software typically has control over the one contender we “the players” have to beat. This app brings a range of exciting models from which a player can choose from but when we first start off with this game, we are only provided with four of the basic models. All the different models in this game have a wide variety of attractive features which players will be able to identify with, whether it comes to visualization or other features like maximum speed, number of gears and so on. As you unlock new models with each new level or a set of levels, the degree of difficulty will increase but the simplicity of the tutorial that the developers have created is very easy to follow. You can earn more coins in order to upgrade your car even.


Commands are relatively easy to follow and there is minimal delay in the response time so the game is easy to handle. The buttons for control are on the side of the screen and not in the centre so as to get clear visual display. The sound and movement synchronization is pretty good along with adrenaline pumped background music. All sounds and music can be turned off or the volume to be lowered in the settings options.


Graphics are well designed by Chewy Games and the level of detail in the representation of the vehicles or the different tracks is moderately good, which may be why you may experience a little bit of drag while playing the game.

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Using It With Bluestacks


Drag Race Rush originally developed for Android and Windows phone, can also be implemented on a PC using the android emulator Bluestacks. With this software you can now play/run your favorite mobile games/apps faster and that too in full screen. And the best part is that it’s free. The steps of downloading this game using this software on to your PC are fairly simple.

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks App Player available for free from here!
  2. Once you run the program, there will be several options. Two of them being sync apps and search. It’s up to you whether you search or install the app or sync your device apps so as to run on your PC.
  3. Your Google account will associate Bluestacks with the play store so as to install the game to your system. Create an account if you don’t have one. The installation of the app is done automatically by the software after you have downloaded it.
  4. If you rather prefer sync from your device, then you will need to go the Bluestacks app sync settings and opt for Cloud Connect and then accordingly follow instructions.

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