Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 7/8/XP

Hello guys, today I am going to cover on how to download WhatsApp for PC (Messenger) on Windows 7/8 as well as Windows XP.  I think you would have already heard the name of one thing which has shaken the world and have over-taken the popularity of Facebook which took more than twelve years to expand completely in just 3 years. Yes, I am talking about WhatsApp.

Being Indian, I would like to share something with your guys something really about WhatsApp, in India more than 75% people don’t know English language or may be how to use Internet but WhatsApp has brought revolution in this country as you will find that out of five people three must be having WhatsApp Messenger in his/her smartphone or normal mobile phone.

Note : I don’t want to make any confusion so, let me clear it all now itself that WhatsApp for PC or Computer is not available from official developers, we have our own methods to download it on Computer.

To this extent the popularity of WhatsApp has expanded and people from all over the world enjoy to use this awesome messenger which allows any one to do unlimited chats, send images, send videos, voice messages and much more, it has given power to each and every single man most prominently from developing countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc.

Problems I face without WhatsApp for PC :

So what is the uniqueness which drives people crazy about WhatsApp? I would like to put some points in front of you, WhatsApp is first and true text messenger which had only one unique aim, and that was to deliver, they still don’t show ads in their app unlike every other messenger like Line, WeChat, etc which is one of the highest plus point against every other app which is currently available in the market.

I agree that they are giant and every one now loves them but still, I don’t like one thing about them i.e WhatsApp for PC. Yes, this app is not available for PC or they don’t have any type of Desktop of version even though millions of people are searching for best possible way of using WhatsApp on PC.

Alas! the developers don’t got any version out for the users who want to use this awesome Android app, to solve this problem once, I personally contacted the officials of WhatsApp Inc. and asked the possible reason of not releasing any version for those people who are using  Computer system like Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Mac Operating system. But, they didn’t respond.

I know you are here because you also want to know how to download WhatsApp for PC or Computer like I also want to use the same into my computer system because I can’t be using the mobile phone all the time, because where I do my job, here its not allowed to bring in phones and I have only Computer with me (office Desktop).

I know initially WhatsApp developers and founders had the motto that people can’t be using computer every time and they can use mobile phones as they can take it anywhere, I completely agree with them but their are some people who still have to or want to deal with computer all the time and they have no time to use Smartphone for more time.

How to use WhatsApp on PC or Computer :

So, above I shared by problems which I am facing for not able to use WhatsApp for PC and now, I am going to provide the complete method which will be powered to using WhatsApp on Computer.

You might be wondering that how can you or I will be able to use it in computer when its not available officially, then friends, I would like to tell you that I found the perfect method which will be allowing me to download WhatsApp for PC or Windows 7/8 Computer as well as Mac Computer.

I know that this app is not available officially and as far as I know that they will never release it for Desktop so we have to finally relay on the unofficial method, also you might be wondering that their are many other tutorials available on Internet which deals with the same topic then how this guide is different from them, then here is the answer, my this tutorial contains all the tutorial which is required for you to get WhatsApp for PC Download confirmed. While other tutorials which are available on internet do tell us that how to install WhatsApp Messenger on Computer but according to me they are half-baked one.

Like the BlueStacks method which many guys have published but it has some problems due to which many visitors are not able to get this Android app in their own Desktop.

But today, here I am going to provide more than three methods to download WhatsApp for PC or Computer and you are completely allowed to follow any one which you would like or your are comfortable with.

I have listed down the methods :

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Andyroid
  3. YouWave
  4. Mobizen

So I will be giving you all the methods which is mentioned above one by one, so that you will be able to finally do WhatsApp for PC Download without any issue.

Download WhatsApp for PC with Bluestacks App Player :

First of all let me tell that what is Bluestacks? then its the Android Emulator software which is made to run any type of Android games as well as Games on the computer system without following any problem.

And so using Bluestacks App Player you will be even able to get WhatsApp on PC as its able to run any Droid application.

So finally, not taking your much time let me guide to on how to install WhatsApp Messenger on your Computer system with the help of Bluestacks.

1. The very first step which is required is obviously to download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your computer system, mind it that its available for Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X, you can select your respective operating system and process further.

You require minimum 2GB of RAM as well as at-least 1GB of Graphic Card (those who don’t have these things please follow another method or I have provided the special version of Bluestacks so that you might be able to use it into your computer which don’t follow the above given requirements.

2. Now you need to install this fantastic program into your computer after you have to download from their official website which I have given here.

3. After its downloaded you need to install it into your computer.

4. Then open the software and go to the search bar and then search for “WhatsApp Messenger” it will come up with a list of results and you need to choose the original WhatsApp Messenger from here.

5. Click on the download button which you will see and so now its installed into your computer.

So friends, I hope now you must enjoy and use WhatsApp on PC and chat or text with your friends as you used to do it on your Android Smartphone.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial which was about how to download WhatsApp for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows XP.

If you faced any type of issue then please do comment and let us know about it, as it will not be possible for us to reply via email.

So, I request you guys to leave a comment with the problem which you are facing while downloading WhatsApp for PC or Computer.

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