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It cannot be denied that the data transfer system is gradually improving since the recent years. From the infrared transfer technology, we have now come to USB data transfer method and also Bluetooth. Transferring of the data without any wire can offer good user experience; however, with huge amount of data sizes, it is desirable to have higher speed. Superbeam is such an Android application, which facilitates super fast data transfer through a wireless system, utilizing the network of Wi-Fi. Easily accessible on Google Play Store, this app creates unmatchable speeds with no delay in between. It can enable to transmit the data not only among the Android devices, but allows to send files to PC as well.


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Transfer File With SuperBeam At The Speediest Way

The application has a great capacity to deliver files, images, videos as well as audios and then lists them in accordance with the group categories. Sharing may be achieved by producing a QR code designed for the set of data to transfer, or a key which may be shared just with those individual whom the sender wishes to send. The app has seamless capacity to deliver files of lots of Megabytes within a few moments, and it is everything about matching any data exchange with necessary demands of user.

If in case the transfer rate of the files is slow, then try to turnoff the Wi-Fi on senders device as well as receiver before running the SuperBeam for PC. It will force the direct approach to kick in; while one starts sharing, that will allow for quite greater speeds.

All of the received files by default are saved within the internal storage area under the directory SuperBeam. The app is available in Free and PRO version. The users of the Pro version can have the option for altering this to some other directory that they prefer. However, it should be remembered that unfortunately, the carrier-locked devices, which have a number of limitations, may block the connection of SuperBeam. These devices may just receive files through the app, and deliver to some other devices, which are linked to the same system of Wi-Fi.

Steps To Get SuperBeam For PC

The app can’t run on any PC, there is no direct way to install the app in any direct means. So, an Android emulator is the only way to solve this problem.


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  1. BlueStacks is an essential requirement to start the Android app on PC. Installing this BlueStacks is however not a difficult issue. Just download from the here!
  2. Open this downloaded executable file, and operate it as an administrator. See the wizard of installation, and place the software with desired settings.
  3. Then open the Application Player of BlueStacks.
  4. Just as an app is searched from the play store, here search for SuperBeam for PC and click install button.
  5. As the download of the file is finished, go to My Apps tab and start transferring!

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