Download Dead Trigger 2 for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

The game, Dead trigger 2 is an enhanced edition of the original game, i.e. Dead Trigger having more intense graphics and elements. New weapons are given in order to develop the gaming experience as well as interest. This can be regarded as an addictive game just as candy crush Saga or Subway Surfers. Dead trigger 2 for PC is mostly a zombie related game with thrilling gameplay and intense graphics.


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Some popular weapons depicted in the game are emitting acid, shock of electric and some more zombie killing tools such as kamikaze. In order to assist the player reach their aim gunsmith, scientist, etc. are offered to give help. All these characteristics are meant to create the interest of the player in the game. The newest edition of Dead Trigger comprises hanging their bodies, ground of death, control the leader board and fight with other companions.

Download The Game Using BlueStacks

To download Dead trigger 2 for PC and complete the installation, it is necessary to install BlueStacks by following some steps

  • First click this download link to get the app player, i.e., BlueStacks.
  • One can download this software for any of the Windows version.
  • After the installation has completed, one has to look for Dead trigger 2 within the app store using search bar.
  • The complete download of this will be occurred within a few minutes, which will be followed by spontaneous installation.

Gameplay And Other Details

This game is, in fact, a free-movement based shooting game. It includes considerably two different control models. By means of the default controls, player is all need to just targets at zombies, and the weapons will shoot automatically while a zombie is beneath the crosshair. However, the advanced control system functions in another way – the player pushes a button to shoot the weapon and the extra button allows the player to point down the views of weapon for exactness.

Gameplay normally revolves around achieving aims while destroying zombies. The player possesses a limited quantity of health, which is revived at the start of every operation. The player would lose health while struck by zombies or through any environmental dangers. The player may get back health by collecting pain-killers or obtaining any health power up from the Special zombie, which adds quite a strong gaming mode for players. There are two types of enemies that you as a player will face – Standard zombies that will hit with their arms, but a few may dash or carry melee arms for more harmful impact. And other ones are Special zombies, who possess unique traits. When the players execute the zombies and accomplish targets, they achieve cash and skill, which are the only gain-able items in the game.


Whenever you go up the level, the player can gains an extra score of max health and an amount of cash. And this will eventually lead you to more powers, which you can use to kill zombies and win the game. And needless to say, when you go up the level, the difficulty will increase and it means that the game would gradually get very tricky. Lastly, it should be noted that being a free-to-play game, some features of this game pattern are centered around getting the participant to invest real money on it. However, you can choose not to do so, by playing and winning free power-ups available.

If you’ve any issues in downloading this game on your PC, do drop your comments below!

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