Despicable Me for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Developed by Gameloft, Despicable me is a very intriguing game, quickly escalading in popularity, it basically revolves around the yellow colored “Minions”. Also known as the Minion Rush, the concept of this game has some similarity with the Subway surfers and Rail Rush, like the never ceasing running part. But unlike the other mentioned games, this game has loads of other extra surprises, which adds an extra edge to the game.


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This game has the multiplayer facility in the windows version, wherein Microsoft shares the Xbox gaming user ID and gamertags. Though it is not subjected to the Xbox Live Family Settings, the game involves, playing the role of the minions, who are ready for their toughest challenge. They have to compete with hilarious and swift paced obstacles and hurdles, with the main goal of impressing the super villain Gru. The minions will have to fly, jump, overcome hurdles and challenges, collect bananas, be hilarious and mischievous with the main goal to defeat the enemy and earn the winner’s title of Minion of the Year.

The iconic locations are full of surprises, obstacles and tricks. Some of the locations are: Gru’s Lab, his residential area, and even El Macho’s Lair. This game also allows the gamers to customise their minion with various costumes, powers and diverse weapons. Plus, an entirely new villain is present in this game. Innovation can be seen in the animation, voiceovers and through the 3D graphics. The multiple camera angles provides a dynamic and original portrayal, while the gamer destroys things, collects bananas and hang onto Gru’s rocket, taunts and overcome the challenges.

Additional Details:

The latest version has looked after the minor bugs and these minor bugs have been fixed. A new art has been added to the game. The Artic Base, which is the top secret lair, with higher levels and more hurdles and challenges. This version even provides a special holiday quest with the mission to aid Dr. Nefario and earn bonuses and gifts and decorations. The snowboard mini game can be unlocked by completing this holiday quest. The login rewards and promotions should be checked every day.

Technical Factor

The processors required to support this game are: x86, x64 and ARM. This game is supported by 15 languages. Initially, this game had been launched for the users of Windows Phone. But after the amazing response it received the creators launched other versions of this game for the Android and iOS mobile devices.


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The computer version is still yet to be launched. Yet there are some tricks by which it can be played on pc. Firstly download Bluestack and install the Bluestacks Applications on the PC, then search “Despicable me” in the search bar and install.


The general response received by this game has been a very positive one. The antics and the challenges impressed the gamers. Though it does take a few minutes to set it up and the menu, at times had the tendency to overload itself, the game is pretty addictive!

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